The Innovation Benchmark BLOG Used Inogen One G3 For Sale

Used Inogen One G3 For Sale

The used inogen one g3 for sale one g3 for sale is the lightest oxygen concentrator on the market, weighing less than five pounds with an 8-cell battery and 5.7 lbs with the double 16-cell battery. Its compact design allows it to fit into any bag and is easy to travel with, being FAA approved for air transportation. It also features a long battery life and multiple settings for flexibility in use and is easy to read. The G3 is also Medicare and private insurance covered as durable medical equipment, allowing you to save money out of pocket.

The Inogen One G3 Starter Package includes the unit, an 8-cell battery, and the AC power supply. Additional batteries and accessories are available.

Inogen One G3: Your Ticket to Freedom at a Fraction of the Cost

A DC power adapter allows the Inogen One G3 to be powered by an external 12 V battery source, such as a vehicle battery. The battery charger is simple to use: plug in the AC power cord to your external battery, then connect it to the Inogen One G3. The Inogen One G3 will be powered and will display a solid green light when fully charged.

A carry bag is included with the Inogen One G3, providing freedom and convenience in daily activities such as walking around the grocery store or movie theater, or working around the house. The bag is designed to provide a comfortable, relaxed fit and has shoulder and handle straps for hands-free transportation. An optional extended battery is also available, doubling the time that the Inogen One G3 can be used without charging or connecting to an external power source.

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