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Blue Coma Strain

Blue coma strain  is a unique Sativa dominant hybrid that delivers the energizing and creativity of sativas combined with the calming and sedative effects of indicas. It has a THC level ranging from 23-26% and a CBD content between 1.5-2% on average, with an aroma reminiscent of fresh fruity notes. It may alleviate moderate symptoms of depression, mood swings and stress, as well as chronic pain, lack of appetite and glaucoma.

A descendant of Crystal Coma and the parent strain Comatose OG, this rare strain is a Sativa-dominant cultivar with an unforgettably potent flavour and effect profile. The aroma is rich and complex with citrus, berry, and lemony notes. The taste follows suit, offering a full-bodied experience with hints of tangy pine and earthy sourness on the exhale.

Blue Coma Unveiled: A Deep Dive into the Potent Effects and Genetics of This Unique Cannabis Strain

Taking its name from the coma-like effects that some users experience after smoking this strain, it’s a fitting name for a powerful strain that can help with depression and stress. It’s also great for combating inflammation, easing pain and reducing anxiety, as well as providing an analgesic effect for headaches, nausea and general body aches.

Blue coma strain is an excellent choice for recreational and medical cannabis users alike. But, it can be hard to find at brick-and-mortar dispensaries due to its rarity. So, when you do find it, make sure to get your hands on it right away! Alternatively, you can look for comparable products from Canada’s favorite online dispensary, BudExpressNOW.

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