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What Is a Temporary Agency?

A temporary agency is a company that places workers into short-term contract positions for companies in various industries. Temp agencies are often used to fill specialized skills, such as software programmers who can work only for the few months it takes to update a new suite of programs, or highly skilled accounting professionals whose expertise is needed for a short-term project.

Temporary agencies like interim bordeaux hire a pool of workers, screening them to ensure that they have the skills a specific job requires. Then, when an employer signs up for their services, the agency selects a worker with the right skills from their database and sends them to work at the client company. The client pays the temp agency for the worker’s hourly wages.

The Best Temporary Agencies in Marseille: A Comprehensive Guide

Temp agency workers have the potential to turn into permanent employees if both parties agree, and the agency is willing to negotiate that transfer. Many people in the gig economy use temp agencies to gain experience in a particular industry or with a certain company, and to make sure that they’re a good fit before committing to a full-time job with that employer.

Businesses that partner with a temp agency can reduce the amount of time and resources spent interviewing candidates, conducting background checks, and managing payroll. They also can minimize the risk of project delays caused by a lack of available talent. In addition, staffing firms can help ensure that the Occupational Safety and Health Act requirements for working in a company’s workplace are met.

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