The Innovation Benchmark games The Best Online Games For Learning About the Environment

The Best Online Games For Learning About the Environment

The Best Online Games for Learning About the Environment

The games below are a ค้นหาเกมโปรดของคุณผ่าน UFAMobile wonderful way to explore real world environmental problems. Whether it’s examining the varied interactions of organisms, evaluating different energy sources or understanding climate change, these apps and games offer a fun way for kids to see how science helps our planet.

Eco is a multiplayer survival game where players try to help the planet prepare for an impending meteor impact. It teaches that the entire ecosystem is interconnected, and actions in one area can have consequences in other areas. For example, deforestation might increase air pollution, destroying a predator might lead to the extinction of another, etc.

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Another social media based game that teaches about the environment is GreenSpace, where players are sent into outer space to clear up trash thrown by humans unintentionally into the galaxy. It also encourages users to interact with their Facebook friends in-game as part of a collaborative effort towards positive environmental action and impact. GreenSpace also partners with the organization WeForest to plant trees in real life when users reach certain milestones in-game.

The Smithsonian Science Education Center has a number of environmental games for kids, including habitat games like Desert, Coral Reef and Jungle. Their Home on the Range game allows children to match animals with their habitats, and the NASA Climate Kids site has a great ocean currents game that lets players change water temperature, salt levels and pollution levels to see how these affect the health of coral reefs.

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