The Innovation Benchmark business The Best Investment Apps in the UK

The Best Investment Apps in the UK

AJ Bell’s comprehensive offerings and user-friendly technology make it a standout in the UK investment app space. Its range of ISA, SIPP and equities trading apps cater to all types of investor. Investing through these accounts allows for tax-efficient saving, which can be essential for retirement planning. Its Dodl investment app offers a simplified approach to share and fund investing, making it accessible for new and seasoned investors alike.

Nutmeg is the best investment app UK popular app with a focus on pension saving. This robo-advice app takes into account your individual circumstances and will recommend a ready-made diversified portfolio of investments. Users can then access their investments and keep track of performance through the app.

Investing Made Easy: Exploring the Top Investment Apps in the UK

Many of the best investment apps in the UK are known as robo-advisers because they are automated and hands-off. They take the hard work out of managing your money by using an investment strategy to grow it over time. They typically cost less than the average DIY broker and can be accessed on mobile and desktop.

Some use Open Banking to analyse your spending habits and automatically invest your spare change. Others allow you to set up a direct debit and move a fixed amount into your account on a regular basis. It’s worth remembering that investing your money can be risky, and it won’t necessarily grow over a short period of time.

eToro is one of the most affordable investment apps in the UK, offering no trading fees and low deposits and withdrawals. It also waives the 0.5% stamp duty rate for UK investments. It also supports a variety of assets, including stocks and ETFs, commodities, cryptocurrencies and forex.

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