S01 Trailer

With technology challenging conventional wisdom about business and product management, organizations are developing new practices to enable them to stay successful in the 21st century and beyond. The Innovation Benchmark interviews leaders at the world's largest companies on innovation strategy, organizational design, culture, and product development.

Our guests for Season One include:

  • John Sheldon, SVP, Group Head of Innovation Management at Mastercard

  • Venkatesh Prasad, Senior Technical Leader, Open Innovation, at Ford Motor Company

  • Scarlett Seiber, SVP, Global Business Development, New Digital Businesses at BBVA

  • Matthew Hooper, VP of Open Innovation at Barclays

  • Matthew Von Ertfelda, Vice President & Global Team Lead, Insight, Strategy and Innovation at Marriott

In Season One we’ll explore how organizations can return to their entrepreneurial beginnings, incentive structures that are key to motivating employees, and incremental versus exponential innovation.

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