Day: November 13, 2023

Brand Awareness Tactics For Candy and Snack BrandsBrand Awareness Tactics For Candy and Snack Brands

For Candy Marketing and snack makers, generating brand awareness is critical. But it’s not always easy, especially in a competitive market with plenty of low-cost and convenient options available. To help differentiate their sweet treats, brands are taking a host of tactics—some old, some new.

Mars, for example, has dialed back on hocus pocus in recent years and instead focused its advertising efforts on positioning its various candy brands (M&Ms, Twix, Snickers) as one-stop-shops for consumers. Meanwhile, smaller competitors are finding new ways to elevate their offerings and make them seem more luxurious and scrumptious.

Using creative digital marketing campaigns is just one way to generate buzz around your product and get people talking. Another effective tactic is leveraging popular events to promote your candy or snacks. Religious observations, kid-centric holidays like Halloween and special occasions such as Mother’s Day offer candy marketers the chance to roll out limited edition, seasonal products.

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Partnering with another company or institution to boost your visibility is another great way to increase brand awareness. Reach out to local children’s museums or theaters, for example, to ask about getting your candies in their gift shops and concession stands.

Lastly, a good old-fashioned word-of-mouth campaign is still an effective strategy. Encourage loyal customers to share their experience with your brand, as well as their unique referral link, with friends and family. You can also reward your customers with custom gifts and incentives to boost their engagement.